Order online of my timbrecom.
Use this form on line, or print this page for a sending by postal mail with the following address :

I wish to receive my edition of timbrecom under 8 days,

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In order to optimize the impact of my timbrecom, I choose 2 lines of maximum text.
          line 1 ( name, slogan, other,... )
          line 2 ( Website, tel, other... )

I noted that dimensions of visual are of 29 X 41 mm, and that my stamp will be carried out in quadri
on paper gummed 110 G, of higher quality. Like format I choose :

                      format landscape( horizontal )                       format portrait ( vertical )

I provided the model of my stamp realized by my care (model finished with text).
However I can profit free from the creation of my visual per HORIZON.
                      model produced by myself
               model produced by HORIZON

I join by e-mail the numerical file in 300 dpi, with format JPEG or tiff.
I can also forward the elements photographs of good quality by postal mail.
                       by e-mail                                                  by postal mail

I order my timbrecom in :

100 specimens 81.94 Euros ht 98.00 Euros ttc
200 specimens 114.55 Euros ht  137.00 Euros ttc
1.000 specimens 280.10 Euros ht 335.00 Euros ttc
5.000 specimens 978.26 Euros ht 1170.00 Euros ttc
10.000 specimens 1489.97 Euros ht 1782.00 Euros ttc

I join by mail my payment...
                       by cheque                                                  by mandate


I join my photo file here: while clicking on "traversing", a window opens and I choose on the hard disk of my computer, the photograph to be joined

Timbrecom is an advertising label which does not exempt postal stamping